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Coronavirus And the Environment

Aside from a few funny memes here and there to save us all from drowning in the widespread panic and an epidemic no one in this lifetime has ever seen, it's becoming harder…

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Welcome Back to the 20’s!

Oh yeah it’s official! We rang in the new decade and can’t wait to get moving on a brighter cleaner earth! So what’s new on the climate front for the week? Well,…

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The New Clean our lands blog!

Hey! Thanks for popping over to check us out!! Let's explain what you're looking at; weekly, we will be discussing a topic in regards to either COL or current news in the environmental…

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Norwalk River, Connecticut Cleanup

Although the Norwalk River Cleanup was one one our smaller events, we collected over a half a ton of litter. We worked near an old inactive bridge located under the RT 7 Connector…

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Jacksonville, Florida Cleanup

We teamed up with Keep Jax Beach Clean for another successful cleanup at Jacksonville Beach. It was REALLY cold but we still had many dedicated volunteers who came out. It’s impressive the level…

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Scantic River, Connecticut Cleanup

The Clean Our Lands Scantic River in Enfield, CT produced an unusually high proportion of glass bottles. We collected almost a half a ton of trash, including 600 pounds of glass, and 302…

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Fort Wetherill, Rhode Island Cleanup

The inaugural event for Clean Our Lands was at Fort Wetherill, a RI state park that sits atop 100 foot granite cliffs along the East Passage. Roughly 16 volunteers, ranging in ages from…

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