Jacksonville, Florida Cleanup

We teamed up with Keep Jax Beach Clean for another successful cleanup at Jacksonville Beach. It was REALLY cold but we still had many dedicated volunteers who came out. It’s impressive the level of energy and  teamwork and camaraderie that is generated by each of these Clean Our Land events

We pulled out a lot of litter including 8,387 cigarette butts! That’s over 400 packs of cigarettes!  Everyone enjoyed the clean up competitions and giveaways for weirdest find and most cigarette butts collected.

Jacksonville Beaches are located on an unnamed barrier island defined by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the St. Johns River to the north, and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west. This was originally a penninsula.  But in 1912, a 10-mile channel was dug as part of the Intracoastal Waterway development, and so now it is and island.

Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT Cleanup

We had beautiful weather and a lot of devoted individuals working together at the Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT cleanup including a team from one of our corporate sponsors, Gesswein!

We removed 1,202 lbs of trash from the beach, over 4,300 cigarette butts, 4 tires (one of which was a very large and heavy tractor-trailer tire far our near the lighthouse!), countless bottles, hoards of fishing line, and many more items! 

The Mayor of Bridgeport stopped by to thank us for the impact we were making, and  for helping  out community and the earth.  It was a great family event with a lot of kids, and everyone had fun at the grill eating hotdogs towards the end as the raffle prize winners were announced.

This 2.5-mile long crescent-shaped park originally donated by P.T. Barnum in 1864 borders Bridgeport Harbor, Long Island Sound, and Black Rock Harbor. At the very end is the Black Rock Harbor light which was installed in 1823 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fort Wetherill, Rhode Island Cleanup

The inaugural event for Clean Our Lands was at Fort Wetherill, a RI state park that sits atop 100 foot granite cliffs along the East Passage.  Roughly 16 volunteers, ranging in ages from 6 to 30, spent eight hours combing the rocks, tunnels and forts and collected approx 648 lbs of trash, including 200 pounds of metal and 80 pounds of recyclable plastic, and many dangerous shards of broken glass.

A hot spot for graffiti, the group removed approximately 370 spray paint cans as well as many beer cans and styrofoam cups. They even came upon someone who was tagging the fort while the cleanup was underway and convinced him to take his empty spray cans with him, leaving behind nothing but his footprints (and of course, his graffiti signature).

Norwalk River, Connecticut Cleanup

Although the Norwalk River Cleanup was one one our smaller events, we collected over a half a ton of litter.  We worked near an old inactive bridge located under the RT 7 Connector highway bridge near the Norwalk-Wilton line.

This is a popular graffiti spot; and paint sheets off the wall and goes into the river.  We cleaned up a lot of paint chips, as well as garbage both in and beside the river.  With only 14 participants, we collected 1058 lbs of trash.  Each person truly made a difference.

Scantic River, Connecticut Cleanup

The Clean Our Lands Scantic River in Enfield, CT produced an unusually high proportion of glass bottles.  We collected almost a half a ton of trash, including 600 pounds of glass, and 302 lbs of other trash, both along the river and in the woods.

The Scantic River is a tributary of the Connecticut River,  and the 784 acre state park has many hiking trails worthy of  targeting for a future cleanup event.

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