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Coronavirus And the Environment

Aside from a few funny memes here and there to save us all from drowning in the widespread panic and an epidemic no one in this lifetime has ever seen, it’s becoming harder to see any kind of silver lining. 

However, Coronavirus or it’s better known nickname, Covid19 has provided quite the look into how humans have impacted climate health. Since getting strong footholds in both China and Italy air quality in those countries has skyrocketed. 

Tracking air pollution in China since the outbreak of Covid19.

Tracking the air pollution in Italy as Covid19 wreaks havoc.

With better air quality, not only does the earth itself have a moment to heave a sigh of relief, but so do the animals. In Italy the canals are the purest they have ever been and dolphins have begun to swim in them. There are deer roaming the streets in Nara Japan. And even in zoos in the US, penguins have been allowed to roam around their homes to explore and see the other animals.

However, with every silver lining comes complications. Coronavirus may have given the Earth and it’s wild beings a moment to breathe but single use containers and energy costs are once more on a rise. Not only that but the economic impact has scared many factory big wigs off the path of a greener future in order to make up for lost time. 

So will we end result in a cleaner more health focused mindset or will we dive deeper into a path we cannot come back from?


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