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Fort Wetherill, Rhode Island Cleanup

The inaugural event for Clean Our Lands was at Fort Wetherill, a RI state park that sits atop 100 foot granite cliffs along the East Passage. Roughly 16 volunteers, ranging in ages from 6 to 30, spent eight hours combing the rocks, tunnels and forts and collected approx 648 lbs of trash, including 200 pounds of metal and 80 pounds of recyclable plastic, and many dangerous shards of broken glass.

A hot spot for graffiti, the group removed approximately 370 spray paint cans as well as many beer cans and styrofoam cups. They even came upon someone who was tagging the fort while the cleanup was underway and convinced him to take his empty spray cans with him, leaving behind nothing but his footprints (and of course, his graffiti signature).

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