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Happy Holidays from your family at Clean Our Lands!

Hey guys! With 2019 almost over you may be wondering what will 2020 bring? How can I end and begin a new year more environmentally conscious? Look no further! This post is for you!



Holiday chaos can be hard! Am I right? Between bustling through nightmare traffic finding the perfect gift the only thing that makes the holiday okay is spending that quality time with your loved ones. But what often falls through the cracks is, unfortunately our environment. So here’s some quick tips on how to finish the year strong!

1. last minute shopper/can’t find the perfect gift? 

Did you see our products page? We’re still selling our bracelets! They are made of repurposed wood from construction sites. But if that’s not the right fit try finding something you could regift, maybe something you don’t need to wrap! For example something to snack on, if they snowboard or ski maybe a lift ticket? Or even just donate to a cause you know is dear to them! The options are endless.


I’m sure you’ve heard this more times than you can count. But not only will you be saving yourself the traffic nightmare, or the gas money; But 1.6 billion people on average travel for the holiday, it’s easy to see the environmental impact this might have. So maybe consider taking a ride with some loved ones.

3. Avoid single use plastics! Go topless!

This goes without saying but just a general tip for the holiday and in life, focus on minimalizing your plastic waste. Water bottles even make a great gift and be sure to bring your tupperware for those yummy leftovers. And for those coffee drinkers like myself, bring a reuseable mug! Or even just don’t grab a lid if you’re going to hang out.



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