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The New Clean our lands blog!

Hey! Thanks for popping over to check us out!! Let’s explain what you’re looking at; weekly, we will be discussing a topic in regards to either COL or current news in the environmental hemisphere. There will also be a podcast, which is currently under construction, that will release biweekly on Mondays.

So what’s new?

In terms of Clean Our Lands, we just had a clean up in September! We were able to collect a lot of trash and had a small but wonderful turn out! Everyone was super motivated and when the day ended we felt accomplished! We are so grateful not only for the volunteers but also for our sponsors. We are currently gearing up to go to a board member mixer in Austin, with some of our sponsors.

In terms of the environment?

The UN has just had their Climate Summit, that came into fruition quickly due to the Amazon (and other) forest fires, glaciers melting, floods in Italy , and so many other pressing issues. But more on that next week!

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