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Welcome Back to the 20’s!

Oh yeah it’s official! We rang in the new decade and can’t wait to get moving on a brighter cleaner earth!

So what’s new on the climate front for the week?

Well, I don’t know about you but I just heard about the fires in Australia, which means we now have three fires burning dangerously in the world…The Amazon, California, and Australia.

But how does this affect you? Your lifestyle?

California: I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume many of you reading are residing somewhere in the US….that being said California should impact you being that you might have family/friends/ties there or just plain want to travel there. Fire season not only started really early but is lasting longer than it ever has due to the rising temperatures of the earth. 

The Amazon: This one you’ve probably heard before, the Amazon makes up for so much of the world’s health. It provides medicines not found anywhere else and actually impacts weather patterns for North America meaning that it’s got a hand in the droughts and wild weather we’ve been having here. That being said there is a clear impact.

The Australian Bush: Again maybe not a direct tie to you…but I’m sure you’ve seen the news and it’s bad. Australia is a world leader in trade when it comes to iron ore…or the iron that becomes the steel we use to build anything from cars to skyscrapers to paper clips. Alongside that, and I hope you’re sitting down, 1 billion animals have died. That will impact ecosystems and weather in ways we can’t even see yet. 

Don’t believe me?

It’s January right? Yet, Texas is getting snow, New England is seeing 70° and we’re just sitting here wondering what’s going on. The climate needs us. It needs us now. 


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